Our Company - Kroo Entertainment

Kroo Entertainment

How We Define It:

At Kroo Entertainment, we excel in the art and science of bringing people together. We help you craft spaces that foster deep connections within communities and audiences to make the most of the two most priceless resources: time & togetherness. Our services encompass luxury hospitality, intimate gatherings, executive experiences, live event production, brand activations, intellectual property development, and strategic partnerships for culture-building experiences. Kroo Entertainment is your premier partner in elevating events into impactful, memorable moments.

Our Inspiration—What is a 'Kroo':

In contemporary terms, a “Kroo,” the phonetic for ‘crew’, represents more than just a group; it’s a vibrant community bound by shared interests and passions and the pursuit of meaningful experiences.

It’s about your audience, supporters, and friends coming together to create a collective tapestry of memorable moments and strong bonds. Kroo signifies the essence of unity, creativity, and the power of gathering to forge lasting connections. It reflects a commitment to elevating every event into an experience that deeply resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

This approach integrates luxury hospitality, immersive events, brand activations, and strategic partnerships designed to celebrate the strength of community and the art of memorable gatherings.

The ‘Kroo’ Effect—What People Will Say About Your Gatherings:

Memorable, Unified, Thoughtful, Impactful, Seamless, Engaging, Influential, Unforgettable, Distinctive, Cohesive, Trailblazing.

What we do, in a nutshell:

Hospitality Services

  • Luxury Hospitality for Select Events
  • Boutique Hospitality for Local Events
  • Premier Executive Experiences

Event Management and Production

  • Live Event Production & Management
  • Dynamic Brand Activation Services

Owned Intellectual Property

  • Signature Events & Experiential Creations

Strategic Partnerships and Rights Management

  • Experiential Culture Building
  • Comprehensive Rights Management for Events & Experiences

Kroo Entertainment is part of Massif & Kroo (M&K), an integrated multi-media firm designed to recognize, nurture, and maximize our clients’ creative journeys. Our full-service firm, with five distinct but interconnected operating businesses, is dedicated to empowering people, brands, and companies with important messages to share.


Literary Aviatrix, a platform for amplifying authors’ voices, has announced a strategic partnership with Massif & Kroo, an integrated media and talent management agency, to revolutionize author discovery and engagement in the digital realm. This collaboration will enhance Literary Aviatrix’s author profiles, making them more comprehensive and interactive to foster deeper connections between authors and readers. 


As part of the partnership, Literary Aviatrix will gain access to Massif & Kroo’s extensive media network, including web and mobile development, content creation across various media, and a specialized author database, alongside talent management and agency services like public relations, marketing, and direct-to-consumer engagement strategies. This initiative represents a significant advancement in author representation and promotion, offering new opportunities for visibility and engagement within the Literary Aviatrix network and the broader author community.


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